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The problems teens face and the choices they make affect not only their lives right now, but their adult lifestyles as well. We wanted to investigate the obstacles that teens around the world endure in order to act globally on these problems. In this site, you will identify teenage issues from the perspective of students around the world. We hope to connect with young people and offer support. Teens are the next generation who can change the world, and we want to inform and assist them so that we can do just that.

We chose this topic because we wanted to let other people be aware of what's going on with teens. We want to be aware of teens in not just our country, but in other countries as well, so we understand the different lifestyles. We also chose this topic is so that we can help anybody and inform them in what they could do in order to help themselves face their problems.

Quotes compiled from various source by Aanchal Sewani, Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, India

We cover various topics that affect teenagers today in this site:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Media and Technology
  • Relationships
  • Sports

Over the years many teens and adolescences have experienced multiple issues of the world including bullying, abuse, multimedia, school, and image.We thought it would be great to take those issues and try to get more information about teen issues out to the world. Not just in the US but also in Russia, India, and other countries in the world. We hope by creating this website, we can make a difference and help those who are in trouble and have no where to turn to.

Naya and Bhewattie, Little High School, USA
By Aashi Narula, Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, India, using bannersnack.com
Content by Corey H and Nate, Littleton High School, Colorado, USA

The teenage years are hard years for people around the world. With health concerns, relationships, and sports as well as new challenges concerning media and technology, teens today face more issues than ever before. Our site gives teens information and tools to help them navigate these tough times. Many teens lack the necessary education to make decisions on these important topics in their life. By learning about these issues and getting support, teens can better handle themselves moving into adulthood.

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Within Withheld

When heaven welcomed Nelson Mandela, everybody was curious to know that how a human can be so right in his doings. So HE asked that how did you do it son?

Mandela replied...

I never let anything within withheld
Be it access to education, post high school or school stress
I learnt early that school violence education was necessary,
Well I respected the social responsibility

I never let anything within withheld
Health, body image and mood swings came hand-in-hand
I also had to respect social anxiety & mental health stigmas
which followed them

I never let anything within withheld
I stood up against violence,
for violence was a gaming addiction myself
people asked how it affects?
I said social media & tech addiction were like violent events

I never let anything within withheld
I have been a victim of abuse in relationships
bullying, school bullying but cyber bullying much ahead
I have risen above home abuse
with just fashion like Coco Chanel

I never let anything within withheld
I raised my voice against the wrong
Be it peer pressure or parent to teen stress
I never went physical
as Mahatma Gandhi said.

I never let anything within withheld
sports hazing & steroids use in high schools were like potholes
near the milestones of success
time management was like music in sports and competition
And I tried to bring gender equality totryout eligibility
sports favoritism was the epitome of glory
where me with my emotions began the story

I lived my life without hist & haste but with twists & tastes
But I never let anything within withheld

Vivek Sharma, Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, India

All teenagers face at least a few of the problems we've outlined in this site. By creating this website, we aim to help teens of all nationalities to face their issues and overcome them successfully, creating better teenagers and thus better adults.

Namanyay Goel, Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, India